Privacy Policy handles your data confidentially!

All player data is, of course, considered confidential information. Your data, as well as all information collected through our website, will not be sold to a third party or forwarded without your explicit permission.

Should disclosure to a third party for any reason become necessary, you will be contacted and briefed on the situation in detail so as to obtain your permission.

Under certain circumstances, we, as the operator, may forward player data to an authorized government agency, should the operator receive a legitimate request for such an action.

If there is suspicion of illegal activity or completed payments are challenged or disputed, we, as the operator, may forward player data to the site's contractually bound payment processing provider.

If necessary, we, the operator, may make use of your email or other data to contact you in order to validate certain transactions.

The newsletter, which we send out on a monthly basis per email, will only be sent to you if explicitly requested.

As part of our regular announcements of the winners and the winning sums, we may publish the first name and first letter of the family name, as well as additional information related to the competition that led up to the win.

We, as the operator, also store data electronically transmitted to us in our server log.

We, as the operator, use this information for the following purposes:

  • to adjust the system to your, as in the player's, needs
  • to get in contact with the player
  • to inform the player about promotions and/or new products.


All player data is made secure through 128-bit-encryption.

In compliance with relevant regulations, all computer systems are located in a security data centre under 24-hour surveillance by security personnel.

Only specifically authorized personnel of the security data centre have access to the systems.

For Stake7 players' protection, credit card and other data entrusted to the operator is protected using 128-bit encryption and is not available to other persons in an unencrypted form. When credit card data is entered by a player, this data is only used for the validating and completing the transaction and must be entered again for repeated transactions.


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Neither is the operator responsible for the availability, validity or accuracy of linked pages, their offers, links or advertisements.

We can therefore provide no guarantee for such external content. The corresponding provider or operator of the linked pages is responsible for the content of the pages. Linked pages are examined for potential infringement when they are first linked up. Illegal content was not identified at the time they were linked. Permanent content monitoring of the linked pages without concrete evidence of a violation is, however, cannot reasonably be expected. Links that are brought to our attention because they contain violations will be removed immediately.

The operator is not liable for illegal, erroneous or inaccurate contents, especially in case of damages incurred through utilization or non-utilization of the linked pages.


Users from the United States (US) are not allowed to play on Stake7 Online-Casino.