Loyalty Points

stake7 loyalty points

At stake7 Online Casino you will receive 1 loyalty point for every EUR 10 you stake on our games

You’re a winner from the very first time you play with the stake7 loyalty programme!

And collecting points is worth it as you’ll receive EUR 1 credited to your account for every 100 loyalty points – no strings attached!

You can follow your progress collecting loyalty points in the following settings of your account:

Log in-> go to MY CASINO-> In MY CASINO go to MY PROFILE and click OPEN. -> Now click the last menu item BONUS in MY PROFILE. Here you will find the number of loyalty points you have collected.

Converting loyalty points into real cash:

  • Customers whose identities have been confirmed (the required documentation has been submitted and confirmed) can convert their loyalty points themselves at any time, irrespective of the number of loyalty points collected. To do so, please enter the number of points you want to convert into real cash into the respective field and confirm the entry with your password.
  • For customers who have not yet submitted the documentation to confirm their identities, please contact Support (support(at)stake7.com). After reaching a minimum of 100 points, the Support Team will convert your loyalty points into real cash.


You can see how much real cash you can receive for your collected loyalty points in the following table of examples:

Loyalty points           Real cash

100                             EUR 1
1,000                          EUR 10
5,000                          EUR 50
10,000                        EUR 100

We reserve the right to protect ourselves and the player community through a common liability disclaimer. The operator/stake7.com reserves the right to alter the participation conditions of the bonus program at any time. The offer can be terminated by the operator/stake7.com at any time. Any user that is observed engaging in gaming activity that is regarded as a violation by the stake7.com supervisory authority (e.g. the use of support software or the activation of several accounts under a false identity), will be excluded from gaming. The respective accounts will be blocked and the money therein will be withdrawn. The right to a payout of the bonus sums expires through abusive activity.


The Terms and Conditions additionally apply.

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